History of TANUVAS

The seed for the establishment and growth of TANUVAS was sown as early as 1876, when the Madras Veterinary College was started as an Agricultural School in Chennai to offer diploma and certificate course in the field of veterinary and animal sciences. The institute attained the status of a college in the year 1903 (01.10.1903), when it started functioning at Dobbin Hall, Chennai and admitted 20 students for a three-year diploma course called GMVC (Graduate of Madras Veterinary College).
Based on the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Agriculture, the college was upgraded to impart degree in veterinary science.


Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University which is one of the premier academic institutes in the field of veterinary and animal sciences has taken pride in reaching the learners through distance mode. Though the history of distance education dates back to 19th century, only in the last quarter of 20th century the correspondence course became popular and recognised form of formal education. However this impact did not touch the veterinary education in India until 21st century .... Read More

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